Santa Color 100 is now on sale at our store.

We are now selling ``santacolor'', a color negative film from Finland.

The other day, I visited Kameratori Oy in Tampere, Finland, and had the opportunity to have a meeting. It was a fun time and I learned that the company had developed a film with the same passion as our company and was based in Scandinavia, and I could see a bright future ahead.

santacolor uses KODAK's aerial photography film, which is manufactured using a different process than Marix film. It is mainly used for NATO military records, and is manufactured for the purpose of high-definition and faithful color reproduction. You can enjoy a depiction that is a little different from Marix.

Santa Claus writes letters to children all over the world at Santa Claus Village in Finland!

From left in the photo (Mr. Yuho, CEO of the camera sales side, Mr. Yussi, CEO of the business side, I am Japanese, and Mr. Arild, in charge of the Santa Color business)


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