Developing laboratory

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Introducing shops that accept Marix film development.

Eye camera

Omi Photography Store

Camera Kitamura

Some stores may not accept development.

For more information, please refer tothe Kitamura official camera website .

Camera Sakuraya

Camera Naniwa -sama

The camera is Suzuki

Camera Tokodo

Kitamura photo machine store

Mr. Iwasa in the photo

Bunmeido in the photo

Champ Camera

Tomicolor Photo Development Laboratory

Nippon Jumbo Co., Ltd. (KJ Imaging Division)

Beyond The LLC

photo depot coloring kanemi- sama

Photo House K

Photographers Laboratory

PhotoSalon Okawa (Camera Okawaya)

Fujicolor Plaza MMG

Fuji Japan

Print Kobo Konakadai store

Memory House Miki/Nara Photo Developer

Yaotomi Photo Machine Shop

Yodobashi Camera

*Color reversal film and long roll film are not eligible. (Home development is required.)

Stores that can develop color reversal film

Nippon Jumbo Co., Ltd. (KJ Imaging Division) Mr.

Photographers Laboratory

Memory House Miki/Nara Photo Developer

Listings will be in alphabetical order.