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[Free Shipping Set of 3] MARIX Color Nega Film 800T 24 Sheets MARIX Color movie NegaFilm

[Free Shipping Set of 3] MARIX Color Nega Film 800T 24 Sheets MARIX Color movie NegaFilm

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★24 shots perfect for the popular half-frame camera★

You can enjoy the images unique to movie film.

This 800T film is color balanced for exposure to tungsten light (3200K). You can enjoy the taste of film that you can't get with digital!

MARIX Color movie NegaFilm 800T

Japan brand Marix

This is a product that has undergone carbon removal to make Kodak Vision 3, a popular movie film, compatible with general C-41 processing.

DX code not supported

Last image: The spool part at the end of the film is not taped, but an insert type, so there is no seam, and it is safe during development.

[Perforation information]

There is a description of EASTMAN 5219.

Eastman Kodak 500T Color Negative Film 5219 VISION3 The carbon layer of VISION3 for cinema has been removed to allow general development with C-41. Please specify C-41 CN-16 for development processing. (C-41 is a development method specified by Kodak. CN-16 is a development process specified by Fuji Film and is equivalent to C-41. In general laboratories, you can specify either or both.)

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