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[Free shipping] Color negative film (C-41) development kit [for 34]

[Free shipping] Color negative film (C-41) development kit [for 34]

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[NEW] The bleaching solution has been changed to powder. Comes with powder fixer.

Comes with usage manual

This kit can process color negative film with C-41 (CN-16) equivalent.
A developing solution exclusively for color negatives. (Not for color photographic paper)

Capable of developing 34 rolls of 36-shot 35mm film. If your environment allows black and white development, you can develop color with this kit alone. Please note that the work process is simple management that can be done at home.

It will be newly manufactured after your order, so it will take a few days to ship.

The advantage is of course the cost, but you can also see the photos you took on the same day! Sensitize and desensitize freely!

[3 types of kit contents]
Color negative developer mother solution (1000ml) 1 stand pouch Color negative developer replenisher (500ml x 2) 2 stand pouches Color negative bleaching solution (for 1000ml) 1 powder Color negative quick fixer (for 1000ml) 1 powder How to use manual

[Medications to be prepared by yourself]
Stopping liquid: Acetic acid (15% acetic acid water) or citric acid (dissolve 15g of 100-yen citric acid powder in 1L of water) (can be used without)

[Tools to prepare yourself]
Dark bag Storage container Processing tank and take-up reel Measuring cup (measured in 10ml and 100ml units)
Accurate thermometer timer

Stable development results can be obtained by adding replenisher to the mother solution according to the number of sheets to be developed.

The basic development temperature is 38 degrees.

From my experience, I don't think storing it for half a year will affect the development results.

Please note that we cannot guarantee the finish of the development results.

*Please keep it unopened. (Use within 6 months if unopened and 2 to 3 months after opening.)
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