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[Free shipping by mail] Marix color negative (ECN-2) powder developer only [12 bottles x 3 bags] For additional refills

[Free shipping by mail] Marix color negative (ECN-2) powder developer only [12 bottles x 3 bags] For additional refills

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A set of 3 bags of developer for Marix color negative (ECN-2).
One set can take 36 images at 35mm and develop 12 images.

The bleaching and fixing solutions in regular products can be stored for long periods of time, making it possible to develop products at a more reasonable price by simply adding developer.

In addition, by separating the developer mother solution and replenisher, stable development and longer storage are possible.
Specifically, one set (1 liter) is used as the mother liquid and the other set is used as the replenisher. Use the mother liquor for development, and discard 50 ml of the mother liquor and add 50 ml from the replenisher every time you use one 35 mm 36-shot film.

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Please note that the work process is simple management that can be done at home.

The advantage is of course the cost, but you can also see the photos you took on the same day! Sensitize and desensitize freely!

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A middle-aged geeky Youtuber, who I'm always indebted to, has posted a video of how to use ECN-2 developer.
Please take a look for your reference! !
[Color negative film] [In-house development] This is a video of developing color negative film for movies, Kodak Vision 3, with ECN2 developer.
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Kio's page on HOTOWALK~Photography and Camera Stories~ provides a detailed introduction.

[Home-made color negative film development] I tried developing color negative film using MARIX C-41 developer.

[Color negative film in-house development] Santa Color 100/MARIX C-41 developer example

Click here for kio's Twitter
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[Kit contents]
Color developer powder (for 1 liter) x 3 bags

[Bleach solution performance test]
Prepare a black and white negative by exposing it to light, developing it, fixing it, and drying it as usual. (This is the developed black negative at the zeroth frame.)
Dip it directly into the bleach solution and measure the time until the black color disappears and it becomes a translucent milky white color (within 3-4 minutes, it has enough bleaching power)
Then, dip it into fixer and check that it becomes a clear negative.

[Fixer performance test]
Place scraps of undeveloped black and white or color negative film into the fixer.
Measure the time until the color fades and the base color becomes transparent (within 3-4 minutes, it will have sufficient fixing power)
Color negatives have an orange base, so black and white is easier to understand.

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