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Marix color negative film 100D 36 sheets MARIX Color movie NegaFilm

Marix color negative film 100D 36 sheets MARIX Color movie NegaFilm

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New products available! Excellent graininess with a regular sensitivity of ISO100!

You can enjoy the images unique to movie film.

MARIX Color movie NegaFilm 100D 36 sheets

Japan brand Marix

This is a product that has undergone carbon removal to make Kodak Vision 3, a popular movie film, compatible with general C-41 processing.

DX code not supported

Last image: The spool part at the end of the film is not taped, but an insert type, so there is no seam, and it is safe during development.

[Perforation information]

There is a description of EASTMAN 5203.

Eastman Kodak 50D Color Negative Film 5203 VISION3 The carbon layer of VISION3 for cinema has been removed to allow general development with C-41.

By removing the carbon layer, the recommended sensitivity is ISO100. Please specify C-41 CN-16 for development processing. (C-41 is a development method specified by Kodak. CN-16 is a development process specified by Fuji Film and is equivalent to C-41. In general laboratories, you can specify either or both.)

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