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Slide holder for Valoi easy35

Slide holder for Valoi easy35

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The easy35 35mm slide holder replaces the easy35's standard holder and allows you to scan standard mount 35mm slides measuring 50 x 50mm.

Push-through design for fast scanning Custom leaf spring positioning for ease of use Automatic slide positioning for precision Compatible with most commercially available slides*
Scan slides up to 4mm thick
The easy35 slide holder has two custom made leaf springs built in that push the slide downwards, forcing it into a central locating area and ensuring consistent slide alignment, so scanning a slide is as easy as inserting one slide, capturing it, inserting a second slide and pushing the first out.

*Mount compatibility
The easy35 slide holder is compatible with most standard mount 35mm slides on the market, however due to the large range we cannot guarantee it will work with every mount ever produced. Damaged or fragile cardboard slides may become jammed or damaged in the holder.

A plastic slide between 1.5 and 4mm thick will fit this device very well, and a sturdy card slide will usually be fine too.

Device compatibility
The easy35 slide holder is compatible with all easy35 units. The holder is easily replaced by removing one screw, pushing the original holder out and pushing in the new holder.

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