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VALOI 360 Professional Scan Kit

VALOI 360 Professional Scan Kit

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The VALOI 360 system is a highly modular system capable of producing ultra-high-end scans in all rollfilm formats up to 120/220 medium format. The modular design allows for a small initial investment but allows for a variety of upgrades such as dust brushes and roller advances.

This system is ideal for photographers who scan in a variety of formats and want the best quality.

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[Package Contents]
Advancer x 1
CS-LITE light adapter x 1
Cinestill CS-LITE x 1
120 holder (6x9) x 1
120 Film Mask (6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7) x 1
35mm holder x 1
360 Duster x 1
Level mirror x 1

The VALOI Advancer helps improve speed, stability, level and light quality and supports all VALOI holders, as well as allowing the use of other accessories such as the VALOI Duster.

Light adapter
The VALOI LightAdapter is a sturdy platform with space to insert and screw in your Cinestill CS-LITE. Screwing together the light, LightAdapter, and LightAdapter and Advancer creates a very sturdy setup. The LightAdapter has rubber leveling feet on the bottom to allow for fine adjustment of level and grip on the surface.

Cinestill CS-LITE
The Cinestill CS-LITE is the most affordable light source on the market for film scanning. Its combination of low cost, high CRI, high brightness, and three settings optimized for different types of film makes it unique. And best of all, it seamlessly integrates with the VALOI 360 system.

Film Mask
Containing 6x4.5, 6x6, and 6x7 film masks, this kit gives you all the options when scanning 120 film. The masks help reduce excess light when scanning formats smaller than 6x9 film in a 120 holder, which increases contrast and creates a dramatic effect on older lenses.

35mm holder
The VALOI 35mm Holder is made for standard 35mm film with a frame size of approximately 24 x 36 mm, maximizing flatness and quality. It is compatible with the Advancer, but can also be used alone.

120 holder
The VALOI 360 120 holder is made for standard 120 film with frame sizes up to 6x9, but fits perfectly with all smaller formats of 120 film for maximum flatness and quality. Compatible with Advancer, but can also be used alone.

The VALOI Duster is probably the most popular accessory for the VALOI 360 system. It has an aluminium frame, is completely anodised in black, with a matte surface and no reflections. It comes with a set of two high-quality brushes, featuring anti-static brushes with very fine bristles to avoid scratching the film.

A level mirror is a small addition to your kit, but it may have the biggest impact as it allows you to quickly and accurately check that your film and camera sensor are parallel. This ensures a square image with uniform focus across the entire image area, which is essential for good results.

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